Hands of Grace - Rae of Light


Welcome to my dream of global circumnavigation. Since I was a young age I have always had the dream in my heart of one day sailing around the world. I can remember spinning the globe at school anytime the teacher wasn't looking , and often even if they were (it got to the point that they left me alone) imagining in my mind which way I could travel across the globe.  In addition to the norm of memorizing continents, I learned that the earth was not perfectly round, but rather something called a spheroid. As it turned out, the earth was approximately 6,865 nautical miles from pole to pole, and the equatorial distance was 6,888 nautical miles, then came Meridians and Parallels. Pretty soon I thought I had that spinning little globe all figured out. I had no idea at the time how much more there was to learn.  If I could only have a big ship and just sail to the end of the earth. My family was a military one and so we moved around quite a bit when I was young. My oldest brother had me reading ARRL (American Radio Relay League) books and studying electronics theory at the age of 11.  By the age of 12 I was reading electronic schematics and repairing electronic circuits. I am still to this day an FCC Licensed Radio Operator (Technician Class). When I wasn't studying electronics I was reading naval navigation books.  So there I was, tossed between my love for naval science and big boats and that of air craft and electronics. (To a young man any boat is a big boat) So as a youngster we sailed, and as a teenager I did quite a bit of sailing near San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, and the coast of North Carolina.  Later as an adult, I found ways to get on the water wherever and whenever I could. But, as is the case with life, we at some point have to put away our toys and focus on priorities, raising a family and just steering your compass onto other responsibilities. Even so, for years I took my family on an annual camping trip during the July 4th holiday and we would essentially live on the water having a blast on my Bayliner boat  for 10 days engaging in all sorts of water based sports.  

Things have finally come full circle I suppose. My plan is to set out in the autumn of 2019 and sail around the world solo, but I don’t want to do it only for myself.  Since I am a father,  the needs of children are dear to my heart, and I have decided to sail for a major children's charity. I have begun the planning and legal negotiating and am now advancing to the more detailed stages of the process. I have, thus far, assembled a team of  the finest, best qualified professionals in their respective fields to serve as members of my support team. These members include my project manager  out of Los Angeles, Ca. who will be responsible for the selection and refitting of the boat as well as other key aspects of the campaign. Other members include Joe Harris of Gryphon Solo2 fame, Dave Rearick of Bodacious Dream, Merfyn Owen of Owen & Clarke Designs, Ken Campbell of Commander's Weather & Forecasting, Laura Dekker of Guppy fame, as well as an incredible lineup of experts from every field including intelligence, ocean security, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, web master, social media, graphic arts and film, book authors, southern ocean consultants, language translators, photographers, team physician, team nutritionist, team attorney, team minister, events coordinator, and marine weather specialist. Well, the list of blessings is just enormous. I am so touched that so many fine people have dedicated their time to help make my dream a reality and to help make this charity fund raiser a success. I would also like to thank our sponsors in advance for their consideration to coming on board and supporting such a noble cause.  Finally, I must thank God for his ever protective hand that he has over my life, and by his grace all of this is possible. 

Those who own businesses and have given of their financial support and / or  time, effort and energy  shall have their company name included in our sponsor section as a thank you for their support.


Your Skipper