We are so excited to announce our newest addition to our around the world campaign for charity. In an effort to facilitate or own broacasts and podcasts, as well as music we have decided to add a commercial free 24/7 online radio station to our program. That's right, now you may listen to some of your favorite music, as well as keep up with what is happening with the skipper and our charities without listening to commercials. 

We have a GO LIVE date of July 1, 2018 at 7:00 A.M. so be sure to tune in and help us kick off this huge exciting event. WOW...WHAT WILL BE THE FIRST SONG PLAYED ON OUR NEW RADIO STATION ? Well, since this is such an important honor, we are going to let you the listenrs decide. We will open up nominantions and voting. YOU will get to decide whom will be the artist that forever breaks the silence on GO LIVE DAY. There will be multiple ways for our listeners to connect on any device they choose with minimal effort. Don't worry, you'll get lots of reminders across all of our social media. Please, by all means SHARE and RT this with your friends. 

I know this question is coming and so we will just answer it here. Can you get your music played on our station? Absolutely, with a few exceptions. (No vulgar language, profanity, violence or degrading in any way). This is after all a charity campaign to support children's charities / education / music. We intend to provide a positive enivironment for children to engage with when they decide to tune in and listen.  Additionally, your music will need to fit the format of the station (Country / Bluegrass / Blues / Soul / Jazz / Rock / Soul ) . That may sound confusing on the surface, but this is after all an educational process and so we will be exploring how what we know as American Music came to be, how different genres evolved from the various collisions in music history. Relax, it's not going to be all education, we promise it's going to be a very DIFFERENT station, one you will have on ready on your devices at all times. We want this to be an incredible experience for all our followers and so we will always be open to suggestions. 

So, how do you get air play?

Well, it is quite simple actually. First, email us at: Info@Handsofgrace2017.com and let us know that you have some music you would like to have played . We cannot make any promises but we will do our best to work it in at some point. Next, licensing, if your music is registered through one of the licensing agencies listed below then you are good to go, just send us your request . However, if your music is not registered with these agencies you will need to send us a request, a digital copy of your music and a release for us to play your music on the air. We will provide a digital copy of this release via email upon request. 

Okay, that's it for now. We are so excited to add this additional function. Stay tuned for updates . More details as well as our affliliations will be announced a little closer to air date. But, you do not want to miss this roll out ! I won't spoil it but I can assure you that it will definately be one of those #WOW moments. 

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