Summer is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet! That’s right, Heart of Indie Radio is
bringing you International Indie Summer 2021. This virtual indie music festival is one of a kind.
Indie artists all around the world have been making their mark on the music industry, even
during the challenges of the past two years. Now, they’re coming together for a special event
that champions indie music.

Though the music is at the heart of the event, International Indie Summer 2021 also
highlights the importance of community. Heart of Indie Radio always strives to create a family of
incredible artists and music fans alike to shine a positive light on the indie music scene. This
event will do just that, and Heart of Indie Radio would love for you to be part of the fun!


Indie artists from all around the world will be coming together in a way like never before.
Get ready to watch the artists perform their original songs live for this special event. Also, you’ll
get to know the artists in brand new interviews, hosted by Captain Eddie, Emme Lentino, and
Avery Raquel. The theme for all of the interviews is the healing power of music. The COVID-19
Pandemic has resulted in many global challenges, which are still playing a role today. Even
during this difficult time, so many have turned to music to heal and find hope. Join the artists
during International Indie Summer 2021 to hear them speak about their perspectives on how
music heals, both in terms of the pandemic and in a general sense.

Are you ready for an exciting weekend that celebrates indie music? Here’s how you can tune
into the fun!
Broadcast Date: Saturday September 4th and Sunday September 5th (Labor Day Weekend)
Broadcast Time: 2:00 P.M. Central Time
Platforms: Heart of Indie Radio on MixCloud and YouTube
All three of Heart of Indie Radio’s shows (The Memphis Show, Nashville Show, and
European Show) will be combined for International Indie Summer 2021. The shows will return to
their normal programming the weekend following the event.
The whole team at Heart of Indie Radio is counting down the seconds until International
Indie Summer 2021. There’s no better way to wrap up the summer.
Stay tuned to find out the artists taking part in the event, and get ready for an indie music
festival like no other!