We at Hands of Grace - Rae of Light would like to thank you for your decision to support this very worthy event. Any and all donations made through this page of our website are specifically allocated to paying for the expenses associated with the boat , equipment, food and various other expenses associated with this global navigation. Your generous support is very much needed and appreciated. An effort of this magnitude simply could not happen without the generous support of people like you. 

Thank You


Eddie Davis

Team Leader / Skipper

Hands of Grace - Rae of Light 

Information Regarding Event Sponsorship

Private Sponsors: Please note that while all funds donated to Hands of Grace - Rae of Light go toward the costs associated with this charity event, we are not a registered 501(C) 3 charity. Please consult your tax specialist regarding any potential questions. 

Corporate Sponsors- Please contact us for specifics regarding corporate / marketing sponsorships.