Total Scholarship Fund: $10,000.00

$1,000.00 per year for 10 years. 

Students: Music / Arts / Performing Arts

United States / Canada:  $500.00 (USD) Schoalrships (2)

1- USA  1- Canadian

These scholarships will be offered on an annual basis to students who meet the criteria as outlined below. 

Note= This is a 10-year scholarship. A new recipient will be chosen each year from the annual submitted applications.

The application process opens on June 15, 2020  

 Our Mission

     The mission of the Hands of Grace / Rae of Light- 
Mikalyn Hay Honorary Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to deserving students attending post secondary school in the United States or Canada. The program was developed with the goal of directly assisting individuals within our community who are working towards achieving their career goals in music / arts / performing arts. Students MUST BE ENROLLED IN AT LEAST ONE MUSIC MUSIC / ARTS / PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM PER SEMESTER. 

Scholarship Details & Eligibility

• Deadline: November 30, 2020 11:59 pm CT  (USA)
• Award Amount: $500  / Number of Scholarships -2 (1- USA / 1 Canadian) 

• Applicants must: 
• Be a U.S. or Canadian citizen or legal resident.  

• Be currently accepted to or enrolled in an accredited university, college, or technical school, AND be enrolled in at least one music/arts / performing arts course per semester.
• Have or maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (Or US Equivalent)

     Applicants may NOT be of direct relation (children, grandchildren, sibling, parent or grandparent) of employees, employees, volunteers, former employees, or owners of Hands of Grace  / Rae of Light, Heart of Indie Radio or its sponsors or vendors.

     Note that scholarship funds will be paid directly to the student to maximize the students’ award and allow them to distribute it as they see fit, either towards tuition, housing, books, or other educational materials. It is the awarded student’s responsibility to remit to Rae of Light the appropriate information to confirm the student’s enrollment at a university, college, or technical school for the 2020-2021 school year.

The scholarship will be awarded in January 2021

How To Apply

     To apply, write your essay and included all the required information on a separate sheet. Return the completed application with signed applicant's statement, proof of enrollment, proof of GPA, and essay to or

Note that scholarship applications will only be accepted via email.  

Mailed or hand-delivered applications cannot be considered.

Essay Criteria

     Eligible students must write an essay (that is at least 500 words and no more than 1000 words in length) that conveys why specifically the student is interested in the music or art industry, and how this scholarship will help them achieve their goals. Essays will be evaluated on structure, grammar/mechanics, language, and content. The essays will be reviewed and recipients selected by a committee consisting of volunteers within the Houston, Texas community. The chosen essays may also be used by  Hands of Grace /Rae of Light in their mission as a nonprofit organization.  The winning student will need to provide a photo of themselves for the announcement on our web site and social media. 

Contact Information

Hands of Grace / Rae of Light 
Heart of Indie Radio
Houston/ Nashville

Mikalyn Hay

     We are so very excited to announce our brand new scholarship honoring the music and life of our featured artist Mikalyn Hay. Her contributions and influence she has given to the music industry are already  at the genius level. Mikalyn is forever outside the box with her edgy lyrics that force the listener to engage in introspection. She has you hitting the replay button repeatedly with every song. Her music, her message, her kindness and humility serve to inspire millions of aspiring young artists around the globe. We are both incredibly excited and honored to have this young lady on our team.

 About - Hands of Grace / Rae Of Light
     Hands of Grace - Rae of Light  is a global charity event designed to support the medical needs of children whose family cannot afford the child's necessary medical needs. The hospitals supported include Shriner’s Hospital For Children and Texas Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Hands of Grace supports maintaining music education in schools and extra-curricular community based music programs designed to provide an educational and motivating musical experience for needy children. Rae of Light is a new branch of the campaign sparked by the tragic loss of Madison Rae Torres, with a focus on keeping her memory and spirit alive through promoting love, kindness, tolerance, anti-bullying at the school and community level. In addition, we strive to increase education about and reduction of teen suicide globally. 

About- Mikalyn Hay: Music / Arts / Performing Arts Scholarship

     Hands of Grace / Rae Of Light has decided to honor the lifetime achievements and dedication to music, education and kindness of 
Mikalyn Hay with the 10 Year $10,000.00 Music / Arts / Performing Arts Scholarship Fund. Mikalyn continues to contribute so much to the music industry with both her incredible work ethic and immeasurable talent. We are only appreciating the first wave of the musical genius that Mikalyn brings to the table. Her music is on point, brilliant and timeless. She is inspiring and encouraging so many other artists and aspiring artists to get out on that limb, to chase their dreams. 

     This scholarship is designed to help encourage students who are interested in a career in music, arts or performing arts attain a more well rounded education in their field of choice.