We are excited to announce that very soon you will be able to join us and help support the ongoing efforts to support our music education program. We are constantly growing in scope and have many exciting things in the planning stages for this very important program geared toward inspiring and encouraging independent artists to chase their dreams and to provide avenues to do so. Stay tuned for details on how you can help make a real difference in the lives of so many. 

Coming January 15,2020

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About Your Donations:


Patreon & PayPal

In an ongoing effort to improve both the scope and the quality of our various programs, we have decided to respond to multiple requests to make it possible for our followers and supporters to get involved and support this very worthy campaign. We have decided to utilize two platforms for you to make donations, should you desire to do so. The first is Patreon, a platform that supports either monthly donations, or per project donations. 

The second platform is PayPal for those who would prefer to make a single one-time donation, and/or are not familiar with the Patreon system. 

Note: You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to utilize their safe and secure service. As always with either platform, we will never have access to any of your private information as you will be linked out to their own network to make your donation. 

In the interest of transparency, donations made through these sites are for the operational costs associated with Hands of Grace-Rae of Light / Heart of Indie Radio only. If you are wishing to donate to our supported charities you may do so by going back to our home page and clisking on SUPPORTED CHARITIES. If you wish to support one of our featured artists, or any other artist, please go to their individual websites to do so safely and securely.