Song must be an original composition, original music. You may also submit lyrics only. Please be extremely cautious NOT to sample any other artists music. We will be screening for this very carefully. Copyright infringement will result in immediate disqualification, regardless of intent. Be creative, pull your lyrics from within yourself, dig deep. 

You may write anything you wish, from any genre. However, it would be unfair to set up a writing session without a road map of sorts. We are looking for something with a Blues, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop feel to it. 

You may choose to collaborate with a partner of your choice, or you may go solo. You have a blank slate so be creative. 

While again,  you may write about whatever you wish, there are some examples at the bottom of this page to give you some idea of the content we are looking for. mindful NOT to sample any part of these songs. Our skipper knows every word, every part of each arrangement by heart. Use them as a guideline but be careful to be original in your writing.  Judging will be done by a team  of neutral judges . Have fun :-)

Good Luck ~

Examples :-)

We are of course a bi-lingual campaign. We will be holding a separate contest for Spanish. Stay tuned for the launch very soon. We are mere days away so get ready ! 

Our campaign is a triad, one part of which is music education, maintaining music in schools, and in communities around the world. In that spirit, we are planning some very exciting, fun and creative programs that will launch at predetermined points in the global campaign. This contest is to find an original song to broadcast around the globe from the middle of the ocean. We cannot explain further without compromising the surprise . The winning song will have their masterpiece blasted around the world via social media and in every country we are tied to for this event.  So, if you are a main stream artist, or an Indie artist, a writer, musician, or never written before in your life but always felt you wanted to. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE/...GO FOR IT.

A brilliant mind I know once said " Dreams don't work unless YOU do" . That really sums it up. Go, chase your dreams....send us your BEST work. 


Where To Submit:


OPENS 7/5/2018

Closes 12/15/2018  Midnight (Central)

Announced Across All Social Media 

                 NEW YEARS EVE



                    GOOD LUCK ! 

PRIZE   $ 500.00 (US)


In the spirit of inclusion, this contest is open to Indie artists, Main Stream artists, writers, musicians, entertainers, aspiring artists, first time writers. If you have passion for music then you are welcome to pour your heart out and create something beautifully creative.  Note: You are welcome to submit your entry from anywhere in the world. This is after all a global campaign.  Yes, there will be a Spanish version of this contest launching very soon. 

Please submit your entry, according to the above described guidelines to our email,our mailing address, or both. We recommend doing BOTH. A very effective way to submit your song is to not only submit it in writing, but do a demo video in MP4 format and email that to us as well. No, we will not share your demo with anyone without your prior consent. 


Mailing Address: Eddie Davis

                            Hands of Grace - Rae of Light

                            P.O. Box 173

​                            Cypress, Texas 77410

Spanish Example: