Willow Osborne


In 2017 Willow officially signed on with Hands of Grace - Rae of Light  in an effort to support children's charities (Shriner's Hospital For Children / Texas Children's Hospital and to inspire other youth to chase their dreams, especially in the field of music. We are very honored to have Willow as an ambassador for the youth we are serving around the world. She is the embodiment of love, kindness, tolerance and positivity. We are very blessed to have such an inspiring and encouraging role model on our team.

Thank you for visiting the home page for Willow Osborne Music. Willow is without question one of the most talented and gifted artists in country and bluegrass music today. We at Hands of Grace - Rae of Light are very honored to have her on our team to help encourage other youth to chase their dreams, to embrace the field of music. Willow has the ability to instantly capture the heart of her audience with her music and vocals. Anyone hearing her music, even one song becomes and instant and permanent fan. Her Bluegrass & Rhinestones is destined to be part of American Classic Bluegrass Music.

Willow has been further honored by being tapped to represent Nashville in the iMax feature film America's Musical Journey exploring the various musical influences from historical and influential cities around the United States. Her performance was of course stunning. There is a smooth, soulful, down to earth innocense and honesty that comes through in everything she touches. Willow Osborne is without question the future and the past of country and bluegrass music. She has mastered a reverent respect for the roots of country and bluegrass, while taking her music in a slightly unique direction that is all her own. Her soulful vocals and lighting fast banjo playing will steal your heart. 

Willow's dedication to the field of music is quite an incredible story, especially given her young age. She has been involved in so many competitions and various shows, including her years at Dollywood where she had constant interaction with other young music fans and future musicians. Her patience and kindness are so inspiring to anyone who is blessed to spend five minutes with her. Fans may currently hear her play and sing at Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee. It is an incredible show and so you are urged to get your tickets early.